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Finding the right therapist for you can feel impossible. It might be confusing where to start, what things to look for, and how to keep track of all that you find. Our easy to use guide takes the guess work out of this process.

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Our guide will:

Highlight the important aspects to know before making your first contact with a therapist

Clarify how to match your therapy goals with the appropriate mental health professional

Provide guidance on what to ask your potential therapist

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About The Author

Dr. JaNaé Taylor is a Licensed Psychotherapist in Virginia Beach, VA, where she owns and operates, Taylor Counseling and Consulting Services. JaNaè provides therapy to Black men and women who are struggling with harmful self-evaluations.

JaNaè is the Founder of Minding My Black Business, a digital platform to improve the emotional wellbeing of Black Entrepeneurs. Dr. Taylor provides Emotional Wellness consultations to Black Entrepreneurs, in every stage of the game, who are working to balance their mental health, Black identity, and successful businesses. Consultations with JaNaè result in clearer expectations and greater understanding of how to manage self while executing their business identity.

JaNaé has provided consultations throughout the community with agencies such as: MTV's Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, Hampton Roads Black Chamber of Commerce, Hampton Roads Voice Radio Show, Black Wallstreet Today, Shades of Life Coaching Services, WTKR Channel 3 News

As the host of the Minding My BLACK Business podcast, JaNaé continues to make a valued impact on educating Black Entrepreneurs on their emotional wellness. Since the start of the podcast in 2007, the show currently has over 68,000 downloads in 85 countries.

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